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Flood Protection - Mobile Homes

Occupants of mobile homes usually do have some advantages in case of flooding. The overall structure may not as stabile as that of a regular house but itís nature puts them in an altitude of at least 1 meter or more above the ground. There is really not much you can do to prepare your self. If the flood starts leaking through your front door than its time anyway to move to a saver place. Donít wait so long. And make sure you have your canoe properly secured on your porch because you might realize that you are actually in the middle of a lake by than.

There is no chance to keep the water out of a mobile home. This is especially true for older models. Water will come trough the floor and there is nothing you can do about. The floor consists of sheets of wood, a cheap foil and some insulation. Usually they are not capable to keep the mice out. I have to admit that I never ripped off the floor of a new mobile home to see how it is constructed. But it canít possibly be waterproof.

Make sure your mobile home stands on solid ground. You can anchor it somehow to the ground to prevent it from floating away. You should do this to your oil tank too, especially if the fuel level is low. Make yourself familiar with the locations of the main water switch (which is in most cases underneath your trailer) and the main power switch. Always switch water and power off before you abandon your home.