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Flood Protection - Location

The most effective way to prevent your home from flooding is by carefully choosing its location. The formula is simple: the higher, the saver. This doesn't mean we all have to live on mountaintops to be save. But by considering a slightly higher altitude compared to the surrounding area you can minimize the risk.

Gather some information before moving in an unknown area. Ask for flood problems in the past. How close did the water come? How far away is the closest river or creek? Does it carry water from snow melting? If so, are there mountains that may feed the river or creek in the spring? Are weirs in this area that may protect your home too? What is the exact altitude of the home compared to the top of weirs or normal water level? Having all this information you should be able to evaluate the risks of flooding. And that is the most important step in flood prevention. It allows you to get prepared.

Avoid moving in a low altitude valley surrounded by high mountains with a river running through. Even with weirs protecting your home you should classify it as a high-risk area. Keep in mind that the valley is the lowest point and will collect the water. And all the protection may not withstand an extreme season. Every protection is only as good as their weakest point. If the weir is overflown at one point, the protection is gone. A very dangerous situation comes with the cracking of parts of the weir. It will result in fast flowing water, which is very powerful and destructive. You might be forced to run for your life. Be always aware of the condition of the weir. It may save you some day!

Before moving close to a river or a lake you should get the information described above and evaluate careful the risks for the house. Keeping this problem in mind you should be able to find some solutions for your protection. And don't forget: the best weir in your yard is worthless if your neighbor doesn't have one.

Don't build your home into the lowest spot of your yard. Water will always run from high to low. You could create you own personal flood problem following an unusual intense rain without actually being a flood present. In case of a flood you would probably fight a lost battle.

To be continued.......