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Flood Protection - House and Home

After getting all the information you might come to the conclusion that a flood could affect you some day. And most importantly, you want to do something about it. You will now enter step 2 of the flood prevention program.

There are many things you can do to prevent or minimize the effect of a flood. Most of them are affordable and highly effective. Localize the problem and be creative. But also keep in mind that there is no absolute protection. If you are confronted with water moving at a low speed you might be able to hold the water off. But if a floating tree or other heavy object drifts toward your house, you won't find much left after it hits your front wall.

Should you plan to build your home in a high-risk area ask your contractor about preventive measures. This could include an insulating coating on the outside of your fundament or even the creation of different levels in the landscaping. I don't go into this topic but if you need some ideas on how to build your home flood resistant, please feel free to contact me.

Preparing your home usually requires separating your property in two different zones:
  • the building
  • the yard

While protecting the house often seems to have priority in any actions, preparing the yard might be in some cases the better solution. It strongly depends on the landscaping surrounding the building. If you think you could hold off the water somewhere in your yard then give it your first priority. In case of flooding you can gain valuable time preparing your house.

All preparations should be done at a time when no danger of flood is present. Don't rush anything. Make yourself a plan and complete one step after the other. This way you should avoid making mistakes, which could ruin all your efforts in a critical moment. When ever possible try to test your system. This allows you to get familiar with the setup when needed and gives you an indication of the effectivity.