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Online Shopping at shuswaplakewatch.com

Shuswaplakewatch.com is considering adding an online storefront to this site.

The Shuswap has a lot to offer to our summer and winter visitors. Each community around the Shuswap has groups of small businesses and stores offering a wide range of products and items to our local residents and guests, from local art, recreational supplies, decorations, collector's items, to everyday items and supply - a true treasure grove for shoppers of all ages. However, most small stores depending on walk-in customers to showcase their product line. Online sale is out of reach, and establishing an online footprint and name recognition is often a too long, expensive, and complex process to make a difference.

We like to create that opportunity for the Shuswap small business community. For almost 20 years we have continuously grown in popularity and site visitations, making shuswaplakewatch.com the ideal marketing platform for your products and services.

How does it work?

All you have to do is to create a retail account and log on to shuswaplakewatch.com. Here you can submit or edit all your online storefront items, including prices, description, pictures, etc. Your storefront catalogue will be instantly updated.
Our site visitors can search and review all items in your online store, place an order, and pay online. We do the payment processing for you. Immediately after, you will receive a copy of the confirmed order to your e-mail account, along with the instructions to claim and transfer the customer payment. You prepare the order and do the shipping.
All your online store activities will be logged. You can always check and compare the store performance, orders, and customer lists - all directly from your shuswaplakewatch.com account.
Our online storefront also works well for services like reservations, bookings, deliveries, and much more.

***** Ideal for small startup or side businesses *****
  • No startup cost or investment
  • Instant high storefront traffic and exposure
  • Use your storefront as your business web site for flyers, advertising, etc.
    ... you can even register your own domain name for your storefront.
  • Sell 24/7, edit your catalogue whenever you want, as often as you like.
  • No sale - no cost. It is that simple.
What are the costs?

Account at shuswaplakewatch.com FREE
Max. number of catalogues per storefronts unlimited
Max. item per catalogue unlimited
Max. storefronts per account unlimited
Payment processing / transfer services $1 - $10 (dependent on order value)
Other costs NONE

What are the benefits of an online store?
  • Sell while you sleep - 24/7 - all year
  • Grow your customer base beyond the city limits
  • Showcase your in-store product line and items
  • Let your products do your advertising
  • No Sale - No Cost. Ever. You can't lose money because you never pay any...
  • No additional investment needed.
  • Utilize the high-volume traffic of shuswaplakewatch.com to your financial benefit

Contact shuswaplakewatch.com for more details.

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