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Runoff Report 1999.....Streams

The runoff has a different effect on the Shuswap Lake and the streams. This section describes some of those effects on the streams in more detail. After a general overview I will compare some of the streams to show its importance for the runoff and the effect on the Shuswap Lake. The links below finally provide more details to the selected stream.

The following streams are monitored by gauges which allows a factual analysis (gauges maintained by Environment Canada, Water Survey). Those streams collect the water from the Shuswap Lake watershed and feed the lake as main contributors.

Outflow Inflow
South Thompson River Shuswap River
  Adams River
Eagle River
Seymour River
Salmon River
Chase Creek

The 1999 runoff brought no significant flooding along the streams. Early in the runoff some smaller creeks were overloaded, causing some spilling and washouts combined with a few minor landslides. As for the larger rivers, I am not aware of any major spilling or flooding. Some spilling occurred for the Eagle River between Sicamous and Malakwa, which effected mostly farmland and only a few unfortunately located houses. The same was observed for the Shuswap River in the Grindrod area. Those areas as just described act as buffer zones and spilling happens there every year to some extend. Especially for the Sicamous area the water pressure of the river seems to push the water through the ground and level the surrounding area without actually spilling water over the banks.

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