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The 1999 Shuswap Lake Runoff Report

Table of Contents:
Data Stations
Snow Conditions 1999
Weather 1999
 The Shuswap Lake Runoff Properties
Shuswap Lake
  The Shuswap Lake
low initial lake level
no excessive hot periods
----- The Time Span
mild winter
mild summer
runoff was divided into 5 major stages
no excessive rain in a short period of time
low nighttime temperatures
soil in low and medium altitude remained unfrozen
other lakes, able to buffer water
The Streams (Inflow / Outflow)
Water Levels
Water Flow
Final Comparisons
Shuswap River
  Stream Description
Data Stations and Measurements
Shuswap River Runoff
Closing Comments
Forecast 2000
Lake Level Data 1999
Weather Data 1999

Copyright (C) 2003 Bernhard Kramer, Sicamous, BC - Canada