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Flood Protection Tips - Overview
There is a difference between a flood and a disaster. We probably will never be able to prevent a flood. But we can prevent a disaster. It mainly depends on the actions of each of us to make the difference. Preventing a disaster requires us to act responsible. Not only by protecting ourselves and our property, but also by helping our neighbors, friends, and all in need.

An important key for preventing a disaster is being prepared. The following pages will give you some information and tips for that. Just click on the bar at the top to select a topic.

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Important Note !!!

Information found in this section may contradict recommendations by official emergency coordinators. It is not the intention of the author to question or discard those recommendations.

The following ideas are based on and in accordance with the physics of hydrostatic force. Extreme flood conditions may require additional precautions. The effectiveness of any protection as described here depends on the correct use under normal flood conditions. The author can not be responsible for any damages resulting from the failure or collapse of such devices.