Snowpack Data as of:   2022-05-24

Park Mountain: 1,857m (6,093ft)
Enderby / Mara: 1,950m (6,398ft)
Celista Mountain: 1,533m (5,030ft)

Snowpack Depth
Park Mountain: 123cm     (2018 max: 309cm)
Enderby / Mara: 198cm     (2018 max: 392cm)
Celista Mountain: 100cm     (2018 max: 300cm)

Park Mountain: Low: 9C - High: 16.5C
Enderby / Mara: Low: 7.4C - High: 16C
Celista Mountain: Low: 10.2C - High: 19.3C
Source: River Forecast Centre, BC Ministry of Environment

Snowpack and Mountain Temperatures

What is the difference between snowpack and snow water equivalent?

Snowpack is the depth (or height) of the snow from the ground to its surface.
Water equivalent is the calculated amount of water contained in the snowpack. That is usually done by calculating the water content of each hourly snowfall and adding it to the accumulated total for the season. Water equivalent is measured in millimeters just like rain and provides a fairly good estimate as to how much water is up there in the mountains. However, things get a bit blurry as time goes on and the snow is melting away.
Sometimes the water equivalent is a better indicator than the snowpack. This year was one of those events; the snowpack depth appeared lower than last year but contained a lot more stored water in the snowpack.
Park Mountain 2018

Park Mountain 2017

Park Mountain 2012

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