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Shuswap Lake: March 23, 2022  

Most of the low elevation snow is now gone, leaving just a few of the bigger snow piles behind. However, warmer weather and some more rain in the forecast will melt away those piles rather quickly. Mara Lake is now mostly ice free and current lake levels are within the normal range for this time of year. The current mountain snowpack is roughly as deep as it has been during the same time period of the past 2 years. At the start of the 2022 main runoff snow levels should be slightly higher than last year.

About half of the Provinces have stopped reporting COVID numbers on a daily basis. Therefore, as of tomorrow we discontinue our daily COVID updates but will provide a weekly update instead, likely to be published each Tuesday or Wednesday for the time being.

Mountain Snowpack: March 23, 2022  

Mid-range mountain temperatures have warmed up a bit, remaining above freezing during daytime and slightly below freezing overnight. The snowpack has lost over 2 inches since yesterday and turning the surface layer wet and sticky. Alpine areas are mostly unaffected and still offer some nice snow conditions for some fun-packed sledding. The weather forecast predicts a bit more snow over the weekend before temperatures are expected to climb well above freezing for a while.
Expect muddy, slushy, slippery trail conditions before reaching the sledding areas.

The Shuswap sledding trail maps as well as the mountain cabins and parking map are now finalized and online. The Crowfoot trail map might follow soon.

Mountain Cabins Blue Lake Trails Eagle Pass Trails Queest Trails Owlhead Trails Hunters Range

Shuswap Lakewatch NEWS: Shuswap Lakewatch NEWS

Date Headline Topic
2022-07-20Wildfire near SicamousWildfire
2022-06-13First 2021 Shuswap Lake Level Peak RecordedSLW News
2022-05-272021 Runoff Report - May EditionSLW News
2022-04-05The 2021 runoff has startedSLW News
2022-04-04COVID-19 Update: BC case counts at new record highCOVID-19

What's new on January 26, 2022  

Update 2022-01-26:
- Updated comparison lake level lists throughout this web site to fully include the 2021 data

Update 2022-01-24:
- Added all mountain trail maps to for mobile devices

Update 2022-01-17:
- Updated Hunters Range trails map; now including ungroomed trails
- Added help page for the trails maps

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Shuswap Lake
  Date: March 24, 2022
  Lake Level: 345.294 m 1132.85 ft.
  1-Day Change: 1.1 cm 0.4 in.
  Water Temp.: 5 °C 41 F
  Day Low: -1.0 °C 30 F
  Day High: 17.1 °C 63 F

Shuswap Mountains
  Date: 2022-03-24
  Mountain Snowpack
  Park Mtn 215 cm (85 in)
  Hunters Range 263 cm (104 in)
  Celista Mtn 262 cm (103 in)
  Silver Star Mtn 193 cm (76 in)
Daytime Temperatures
  Park Mtn 1.2°C (34 F)
  Hunters Range 0.0°C (32 F)
  Celista Mtn 4.4°C (40 F)
  Silver Star Mtn -0.2°C (32 F)

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Province (BC) Canada World

Updated daily after 7:00pm
2022-03-22 BC Canada
New Cases 250 5,360
New Deaths 0 15
Total Cases 354,334 3,412,424
Total Deaths 2,974 37,240
* BC does not report COVID updates on weekends
BC Bans and Restrictions

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