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June 22, 2017: Shuswap Commentary
Shuswap Lake as well as rivers and creeks continue to drop noticeably. Most low-elevation creeks are back to normal flow rates. If you like to visit some local waterfalls, now is the time... The mountain snowpack continues to melt slowly. Mountain temperatures are still cool all night and mornings. The snow at Celista Mountain is basically gone. Park Mountain is close to follow and in higher elevations compressed snow patches of 3 to 4 feet are still to be found. I have been at 2,100m 2 days ago and found all forestry roads snow free all the way up. The snowpack on the north side or sun-protected areas is still covering most of the ground and found to be very compressed and hardened. I have been able to walk on a 5ft snow field with barely making a track on the surface. That snow will melt very slowly and on some places might not completely melt away this summer.
Local businesses are ready for the summer season and all planned public events and celebrations are going forward as planned. The lake is getting busy again.
Shuswap Lake is at the beginning of a new heat wave reaching up to 35C on or past the weekend. Don't forget to bring sunscreen and some bottled water to your outdoor activities. Don't forget some mosquito repellent when heading out into wet zones in the morning or evening.

 Lake Measurements
  Date: June 23, 2017
  Lake Level: 348.466 m 1143.26 ft.
  1-Day Change: -7.2 cm -2.8 in.
  Water Temp.: 13.9 °C 57 F
  Day Low: 9.7 °C 49 F
  Day High: 33.8 °C 93 F
  Next Update: June 24, 2017

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Special Weather Statement
Near record hot weather is expected this weekend in the Shuswap. For more details click "Weather Warnings" on the left.
( Environment CA - 2017-06-23, 10:52:00 am )  

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