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Shuswap Lake Watch for Mobile Devices
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Shuswap Lake: November 27, 2021  

The recent slushy, low altitude snow has quickly melted away and discharged into creeks, rivers, and lakes. Additional periods of rain have further contributed to the unusual Shuswap Lake level rise of 32.3 cm (12.7 in) during the past 10 days. With more rain and snow still in the forecast, Shuswap Lake is sure to rise even higher throughout next week. The water flow in creeks and rivers is higher than usual for this time of year as well.
The soil in the lower mountain regions is saturated to its maximum and cannot absorb any more rain to come. Therefore, additional rain water will have flow on the surface downhill and quickly discharge into creeks and rivers, further increasing the water flow in rivers and thus rising lake levels more quickly as well. This could potentially result in increased creek and river bank erosion along sandy areas. The risk of potential landslides along highways remains high for at least another week. Watch out for fallen rocks on roads bordering steep slopes.

Mountain Snowpack: November 27, 2021  

Another 5 to 7 cm (2 to 2.8 in) of new snow has been dumped into the Shuswap mountains today and, as the wet season is expected to continue into mid to late next week, more snow is sure to come. The Hunters Range snowpack is now 138 cm (54 in) deep - and likely even more throughout the open alpine regions. All other Shuswap mountains show a slightly lower snow depth near 100 cm (40 in). Once the current winter storms finally end, the overall snow depth might just set a new 5-year record for this time of the year.

Be aware that the avalanche danger rating is currently marked as high for the Hunters Range alpine regions to well down below the treeline. The snowpack is sitting on wet soil as well as wet bottom layers and can become unstable rather quickly along steep slopes. Always be aware of your surroundings when sledding in the mountains.

Shuswap Mountains Sledding Trails, Cabins, Parking, etc. (First Draft: Eagle Valley; more to come soon)

Trail and Shelter Map

Shuswap Lakewatch NEWS: Shuswap Lakewatch NEWS

Date Headline Topic
2021-07-20Wildfire near SicamousWildfire
2021-06-13First 2021 Shuswap Lake Level Peak RecordedSLW News
2021-05-272021 Runoff Report - May EditionSLW News
2021-04-05The 2021 runoff has startedSLW News
2021-04-04COVID-19 Update: BC case counts at new record highCOVID-19

What's new on November 04, 2021  

Update 2021-11-04:
- Preview Added: Shuswap Lake Watch for mobile devices
- Use your phone to check it out at ==>
Over time this mobile version will evolve into a dedicated app for Android and Apple devices.

Update 2021-11-01:
- Updated all snowpack comparison graphs for the 2021/22 winter season

Update 2021-10-30:
- Updated and replaced our home page (winter edition)
- Upgraded the code base to utilize the latest PHP version and code structure
- Added: quick-view table for mountain snowpack and temperatures
- Removed: wildfire list (all fires are out); link to wildfire map remains in the main menu

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Shuswap Lake
  Date: November 28, 2021
  Lake Level: 345.993 m 1135.15 ft.
  1-Day Change: 2.3 cm 0.9 in.
  Water Temp.: 5 °C 41 F
  Day Low: 1.1 °C 34 F
  Day High: 4.1 °C 39 F
Lake Graph

Shuswap Mountains
  Date: 2021-11-28
  Mountain Snowpack
  Park Mtn 97 cm (38 in)
  Hunters Range 141 cm (56 in)
  Celista Mtn 126 cm (50 in)
  Silver Star Mtn 94 cm (37 in)
Daytime Temperatures
  Park Mtn 1.4°C (35 F)
  Hunters Range 0.4°C (33 F)
  Celista Mtn 0.7°C (33 F)
  Silver Star Mtn 1.3°C (34 F)

COVID-19 Information Dashboards
Province (BC) Canada World

Updated daily after 7:00pm
2021-11-26 BC Canada
New Cases 341 4,357
New Deaths 6 18
Total Cases 217,099 1,782,171
Total Deaths 2,322 29,618
* BC does not report COVID updates on weekends
BC Bans and Restrictions

Shuswap Avalanche Danger Rating

We suspect touchy storm and wind slabs will still be found due to the sustained high freezing levels. Over 60mm of precipitation has fallen in the last 24 hours in some parts of the region forming deep storm slabs.

View Detailed Report

Lake, Weather, and Flood Warnings
Winter Storm Warning
A winter storm warning has been issued, predicting rain and slushy snow for the Shuswap today and lots of new snow for the mountains. Heavy snowfall should be expected in higher regions between Sicamous and Revelstoke to Golden.
Follow the Weather Warnings link below for updates and details.
(Source: Environment CA, 2021-11-27)  
Weather Warnings

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