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May 26, 2018: Shuswap Lake Runoff Update

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Shuswap Lake levels have now exceeded last year's peak. Despite the recent hot weather, the daily lake level raise is noticeably slowing down. This is a clear indication that the overall snow surface area in higher mountains is quickly becoming too small for generating sufficient melt water to push lake levels up much further. Under normal conditions (warm and dry summer weather) this year's peak could have been predicted to happen within a week time.
However, it is becoming increasingly likely that this year's runoff is ending with some heavy rain. Most weather services now seem to agree that some rain and rain showers will move into the Shuswap as of next Tuesday. If the predictions are correct, Tuesday will bring up to 6mm of rain; enough to saturate the mountain soil to capacity. The predicted 12mm of rain on Wednesday will come straight down the mountains while picking up substantial amounts of additional snow water on its way. Such amounts of water has the potential of overloading creeks and rivers, erode embankments, even uproot trees to amplify the damage before it all reaches the lake. Lake levels will certainly jump up for a few days and set this year's peak level shortly thereafter.
Shuswaplakewatch will closely monitor the weather predictions for the next few days and will issue warnings if necessary.
We will be following the Shuswap River up to Mabel Lake this Sunday to evaluate the situation and estimate the risk factors in case the weather actually turns bad. Pictures will be uploaded to Facebook later in the night.
Notice to lakefront landowners regarding record-keeping prior to flood event:
After a sudden change in a natural boundary fronting a lake or river, re-establishing the lost property boundary can be extremely difficult without recent photographs. At this time of year, Browne Johnson Land Surveyors recommends that owners take and store several photographs of their foreshore and beach, as many as necessary to show the entire length of the property. Simply possessing these photographs can make any future negotiations with the Crown simpler and less costly.
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Last Lake Measurements
  Date: May 26, 2018
  Lake Level: 349.096 m 1145.33 ft.
  1-Day Change: 6.3 cm 2.5 in.
  Water Temp.: 13.9 °C 57 F
  Day Low: 13.1 °C 56 F
  Day High: 28.9 °C 84 F
  Next Update: May 27, 2018
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